G FUEL officially announce partnership with YouTube star KSI


Popular energy drink company G FUEL announced its new partnership with YouTube star Olajide William ‘KSI’ Olatunji on June 13.

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G FUEL has partnerships with many famous YouTube and Twitch personalities, such as Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg, Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR‘ Keem, and Dr Disrespect – now KSI has joined the ranks.

The energy drinks company announced the partnership in a tweet on June 13, saying, “From knockin’ fools out in the ring, to tearin’ it up on the pitch, to droppin’ bars in the booth – There’s pretty much nothing that YouTube Superstar, KSI can’t do! And now, HE’S OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE GFUEL FAMILY!!! LET’S FRICKIN GO.”

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What flavor will KSI release?

A video accompanies the announcement, showing the YouTube star posing with a beaker of red G FUEL – presumably their Fruit Punch flavor.

FaZe Clan is notorious for its partnership with the energy drinks company, releasing ‘FaZe Clan’s Battle Juice’ back in January.

It’s interesting that G FUEL has partnered up with KSI, given his recent bout of drama with brother Deji Olatunji, but regardless, fans will no doubt be interested in seeing what flavor the 25-year-old will release.

YouTube: KSI / GFUELThe flavor KSI will release is unknown.
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KSI released his own announcement video

Following G FUEL’s Twitter announcement, KSI released an announcement video of his own onto his YouTube channel, titled ‘BULKING SEASON IS OVER.’

In the video, he is seen gearing up for a boxing match in a gym changing room, before drinking the brand’s energy drink and saying, “Why do I drink G FUEL? Because it gives me energy!”

KSI then walks through the gym, participating in various activities such as knife-throwing, and watermelon smashing, before knocking out a Logan Paul lookalike in the ring.

With so many influencers already on their long list of partners, there’s no telling who might be the next person to join up with the popular company.