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GeorgeNotFound warns TikTok he’ll quit after another ban

Published: 24/Aug/2021 14:52

by Connor Bennett


YouTuber and Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound has once again found himself banned from TikTok, and it’s safe to say he’s not best pleased about it.

As TikTok has continued to grow and grow worldwide, a whole host of different content creators have started to use it as a way to expand their reach.

In the case of Minecraft star GeorgeNotFound, he hasn’t had the best of times on TikTok. His account was struck down and banned for a period back in February, prompting fans to start the #FreeGeorge trend in a bid to bring him back.

While he has been able to do so, his return to TikTok hasn’t been without headaches as he has, yet again, been banned. Though, this time, he’s got a few words for the video-sharing platform.


georgenotfound trending on twitter
Twitch: GeorgeNotFound
The Minecraft star has picked up some strange bans recently.

The YouTuber was banned once again come February 24, for reasons he hasn’t yet disclosed, but he did bring a pointed message with him about leaving the app for good.

“Stop banning me @TikTok_US or I’m moving to YouTube shorts,” George tweeted off his backup account. Though, some fans questioned why the US TikTok account would be his port of call, given he’s UK-based.

The new ban comes less than two weeks after his last one, where he also had a pretty comedic post. “I am not a minor, restore my TikTok immediately or else,” he tweeted back on August 13.


George has also had posts struck down for reasons that don’t seem to fit the content of his videos. So, it could be that he’s getting trolled by fans who get a kick out of his TikTok-inspired all-caps rage.

We’ll have to wait and see if the message works this time, or if he’ll keep getting banned. He always has the option to jump to Shorts, though, as that has become increasingly popular in the last few weeks.