George Janko takes shots at Logan Paul & Mike Majlak amid podcast feud

George-Janko-takes-shots-at-logan-paul-mike-majlak-podcast-feudYouTube: George Janko

YouTuber and podcast host George Janko has seemingly thrown some major shade toward fellow creators Logan Paul and Mike Majlak just as the trio appears to be in the middle of a mysterious feud.

George Janko is a YouTuber and one third of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, a show that was founded by famous influencer Logan Paul and co-hosted by his bestie, author and creator Mike Majlak.

Although the trio have generally helmed the podcast on good terms, it looks like there’s trouble brewing in paradise following a cryptic tweet published by Janko in late April.

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In the post, Janko said: “I wasn’t going to talk, but now I am.” This random message sparked rumors of a possible feud between Janko and his co-hosts — a theory that was only amplified when fans realized he’d unfollowed both Logan and Mike on social media.

Now, these rumors are gaining more traction, as Janko has seemingly thrown some thinly-veiled shade toward his former besties on the latest episode of his podcast with special guest Tana Mongeau.

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George Janko takes shots at Logan Paul & Mike Majlak

At the very end of the episode, George and Tana discussed the possibility of creating their own podcast. Tana then joked that they could create a new version of IMPAULSIVE, starring George, Tana, and Jeff Wittek.

“Or me and Jeff can have you on Jeff FM, and we’ll have the new IMPAULSIVE. Watch out, Logan. Watch out, Mike. New trio,” Tana joked.

“That would be f*cking hilarious,” Janko replied. “But, can you just do me a favor? Put me in a spot where no one looks at me or talks to me, so I feel like how I used to feel.”

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(Topic begins at 1:08:32)

Although it’s not clear if this was a definite jab toward Paul and Majlak, fans are certainly speculating that it might be — especially given the fact that George unfollowed his co-hosts prior to the episode airing.

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