Genius idea for snacking while gaming gets Kevin Hart’s approval on Shark Tank

Snactiv and Shark Tank pitchShark Tank / Snactiv

Kevin Hart cashes in on a genius product to eliminate mess when snacking while gaming in a hilarious Shark Tank pitch.

A pitch for a genius snacking idea while gaming has grabbed the attention of both Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner who greatly approved of the new product. The episode itself was hilarious but the idea is undeniably genius and could be ideal for hardcore streamers or messy gamers.

The new product in question is called Snactiv. They’re essentially small chopsticks that attach to your index and middle finger, allowing you to type while still being able to pick up messy snacks without getting your hands dirty.

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During the pitch, creators Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho explain how they noticed the issue when working from home and discovered a simple fix for the ever-lasting issue of greasy and messy keyboards.

Throughout the pitch, every Shark was laughing, especially Kevin Hart who took one look at the product and explained that “instantly I just got happy”. He went on to praise the product by saying how he liked “the simplicity of it, it’s just easy, simple, and fun” which explains why he ended up putting in an offer.

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Snactiv promoSnaktiv
Say goodbye to dirty controllers or keyboards with Snactiv.

The offer made to the Sharks was 200k with 10% of shares in their company. Due to the product’s overall success among the Sharks, there was a small bidding war between Kevin O’Leary and the newly formed team, Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner.

O’Leary offered 200k for a 10% stake and a royalty of $1 until that reaches $1M whereas Hart and Greiner came together to offer 200k and a 20% stake. The creators of Snactiv ended up going for Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner’s offer and walked away with 200k, only handing over 20% of the company.

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Such a product is perfect for gamers and will be ideal for anyone who loves to snack while playing. It takes the pressure off grabbing a snack while mid-combat and allows you to keep those controllers and keyboards pristine.

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