Gawr Gura’s chaotic 2022 New Year’s resolutions are exactly what you’d expect

Andrew Amos
Hololive VTuber Gawr Gura with smug look holding hand to face
YouTube: Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura is scatterbrained at the best of times, but her New Year’s resolutions for 2022 are something else. They’re pretty much everything you’d expect from the Hololive star ⁠— recording a message to her future self with all her grand (and weird) goals.

She might be the queen of VTubers ⁠— at least in terms of numbers and records ⁠— but Gawr Gura’s streams are unfiltered chaotic energy to the max.

The Hololive EN star brought in 2022 with her chumbuddies in chat with plenty of shenanigans, but none more so than when she recounted her new year’s resolutions. As you can expect, they were anything but straightforward, but Gura does have some big plans for the next 12 months.

She wrapped up her January 1 stream with a “note to myself” to “Future Gura” ⁠— but whether future Gura could make out what current Gura was saying will be an entirely different story.

Hololive VTuber star Gawr Gura talking to chat on New year's stream 2022
YouTube: Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura’s started 2022 with a message full of resolutions to “Future Gura”.

“Dear Future Gura, this is me from the past. A year previous. I’m running late currently. I wonder if you’ve gotten better with your time management in a year but I strongly doubt it,” she joked.

“I wanted to leave you with a small message with: no matter what happens this year in the world, as long as you keep yourself on the right track ⁠— happy, healthy, eat healthy, exercise, smash those goals.”

Those goals exactly? One of them was to leave a very specific word in 2021, probably feet given all the memes and weirdly close calls about them.

However, she also wants to try and release more original music (her July 2021 release, REFLECT, has 7 million streams on Spotify) and show off her dance moves with a 3D model ⁠— something Cover Corp has promised for their Hololive idols.

“Gura of the future, I hope in 2022 you are able to release more original music, I hope you are able to work with people that you really look up to, I hope that you’re able to grow closer with your Hololive member, I hope you’re able to do 3D and show your dance moves off.

The related segment begins at 3:45:48.

“But I hope, above all, that Gura of the future, was able in 2022 to make all the Chumbuddies very proud.”

She told her chat to also keep her accountable, to “clip it and ship it” and save it for posterity. It’s a sensible list of goals all up, but it was a very chaotic way of going about it ⁠— which is probably the most Gura way of doing things.