Gavis Bettel loses his mind as first Hololive solo streams canceled over tech issues

Hololive VTuber Gavis Bettel wearing chef's hatYouTube: Gavis Bettel

Gavis Bettel might be the Jester VTuber of Hololive’s new TEMPUS talents, but he is certainly the butt of all jokes during his debut week. After tech issues plagued his first two debut streams, the new star is slowly losing his mind in chaotic Twitter Spaces.

Hololive started off 2023 with a bang, debuting the first major agency branch of the year with a second generation of TEMPUS talents. The English HOLOSTARS group expanded to eight members, including one jester in Gavis Bettel.

While his three genmates have had a smooth debut with minimal technical issues, Bettel has not been so fortunate. The jester was cutting in and out of their first collab stream, and has now been forced to cancel his first two solo streams due to technical issues.

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The star noted issues with his internet and PC as the root cause, but instead of licking his wounds, he tried to give his fans something to enjoy in the form of a Twitter Space. And if anything, it endeared fans to the jester more.

Even in his first Twitter Space, Bettel couldn’t escape the scuff. With his stream not working, he tried to connect with fans on the social media platform ⁠— only to be muted for the first 25 minutes after opening it. Once he unmuted his mic finally, the chaos began.

“I did not see my day going like this ⁠— disaster,” he laughed. “Not a single problem! Flayon goes on, not a single issue on the day! Great stream! Nailed it! I can’t wait for Bettel’s stream! Oh, where’s Bettel’s stream?

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“It’s not a joke, my luck is incredibly terrible. I sure hope everyone’s first solo stream goes well today. It’s not like I have a few bits planned and I had a whole thing ready. It’s not like I got up at 10am and have four hours of sleep and stay up the entire day so I can get a healthy sleep schedule the next, no! Who cares?”

He spoke to fans about his big plans for the stream, and shared some rather eyebrow-raising stories about his journey through life. But he went into Tuesday with unbridled enthusiasm, ready to go live finally and cook up that big three-course meal.

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Except, when Tuesday rolled around, he only got two minutes into his stream before tech issues once again forced him to cancel. And once again, Bettel went live on Twitter to vent his frustrations.

His second Twitter Space was just as unhinged, with the jester screaming about his technical issues and retelling stories of his childhood, including his interesting candy-eating tendencies and PlayDoh antics.

However, there was a silver lining to all of this. More than 4,000 fans tuned into his Twitter Spaces on each day, and there’s now even more hype around the Jester of holoTEMPUS for when he can finally make his solo debut.

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“I do hope to give you guys something later in the week,” he said. “I have no idea when this is going to get fixed. I’m going to stop this Twitter Space, take a cold shower, and then I’ll get to work and figure out what is happening. Frankly, I’m losing it!

“I’m going to blow through all of my talking content in the first week. I won’t have anything to say [in a Just Chatting stream] because I would have just gone through my entire life with these Twitter Spaces. I’m noticing a pattern this week, so I’m getting a little worried! 

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“I know this is frustrating to some because they’re expecting content in the form of VTuber-based streaming. But you don’t get that. Not yet. You’ve gotta earn it!”

It comes after Bettel accidentally used the same art tag as a smaller indie VTuber named Jester, which led to it being flooded with drawings of the Hololive star. He has since changed his art tag and cleared up the confusion, and everything has been smoothed over.

As for his stream though, fans will have to wait for another 24 hours to see whether Bettel can actually go live on YouTube or if he’ll become “the first VSpacer in the world” as he proclaimed.

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