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Gary Vee responds to TikTok impersonator of him going viral

Published: 28/Mar/2022 15:05

by Jacob Hale


Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the online space. He’s respected across multiple industries and spaces, but some impersonators have been going viral on TikTok with their funny impressions of him — and now he’s responded to them.

Gary Vee is someone that is known by just about everyone on the internet. Whether you’re interested in big business, TikTok, startups, or NFTs, you’ve likely heard his name or seen him somewhere.

He’s become as much an influencer as he is a successful entrepreneur and as such, he’s built a huge fanbase as well as his critics.


With one impersonator, in particular, going viral all over TikTok, Gary watched one of his videos and reacted live — and his response might surprise you.

Gary Vee Instagram posing
Instagram: garyvee
Vaynerchuk is also an investor in a number of social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter.

Given Vaynerchuk’s success, you might expect him to take himself quite seriously, especially if you’re not completely familiar with him.

Quite on the contrary, though, Gary loves the videos. “This guy’s a f**king beast,” he says before laughing extensively at the impression of him, watching along with Andrew Schultz and Akaash Singh on the Flagrant 2 podcast.

The TikToker, NeemaNaz, does a spot-on impression, and is clearly a fan of Gary, calling him the “GOAT” in his video’s captions.


Timestamp 21:54

NeemaNaz reposted the video to his own TikTok, saying that Gary “Inspired me to pump daily content these past 3 years and it’s gotten me to so many places already.”

It goes without saying that NeemaNaz was delighted that Gary responded, and Gary himself is definitely a fan of the videos.