Game of Thrones showrunners Benioff & Weiss reveal new sci-fi Netflix show

. 2 years ago
Game of Thrones showrunners

Showrunners behind HBO’s renowned Game of Thrones adaptation, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have finally unveiled their next major project; the duo will be tackling an all-new sci-fi series at Netflix.

While Game of Thrones came to an end with a controversial end with its eighth season in 2019, its showrunners have remained somewhat out of the spotlight ever since. Benioff and Weiss inked a major deal with Disney to establish a new trilogy in the Star Wars universe, though that deal shortly fell through.

As production continues on an assortment of spinoffs in the George R.R. Martin universe, the original series showrunners haven’t been attached. Their next project had remained shrouded in mystery until the veil was lifted on October 1.

The duo will be taking on an adaptation of another set of novels this time, jumping into the realm of science fiction. The $200m deal with Netflix is finally gaining momentum; here’s what we know about their first creation for the streaming juggernaut.

Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy covers
Cixin Lu
The full Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy will soon be adapted for Netflix.

Together, Benioff and Weiss will be harnessing their efforts to create a new live-action series. Their upcoming project will be based around Hugo award-winning ‘The Three-Body Problem’ from Chinese author Liu Cixin. The sci-fi novel begins in the 1960s but jumps through many points in time to deal with an “extinction-level threat” to humanity.

“Liu Cixin’s trilogy is the most ambitious science-fiction series we’ve read,” the former Game of Thrones showrunners said. “We look forward to spending the next years of our lives bringing this to life for audiences around the world.”

First published in 2006, The Three-Body Problem is part one of a hugely-popular sci-fi trilogy. The string of releases reached their conclusion in 2010 with ‘Death’s End.’ Benioff and Weiss are set to adapt all three novels.

Cixin and the English translator for the series, Ken Liu, will both be serving as consulting producers for the Netflix adaptation. “It is a great honor as an author to see this unique sci-fi concept travel and gain fandom across the globe,” Cixin said. “I am excited for new and existing fans all over the world to discover the story.”

Game of Thrones showrunners
The Game of Thrones showrunners have found their next major project.

There’s no telling just how far off we are from our first glimpse of the adaptation. The deal has only just been finalized, with pre-production still a ways off. Therefore, it could be a few years until fans are treated to the first footage from the upcoming project.

Coming straight from Game of Thrones to a sprawling sci-fi trilogy with $200m behind them, it’s safe to assume expectations will be off the charts. Keep your eyes peeled as more details and casting announcements are made public.

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