Gabbie Hanna “returns” to roast Jessi Smiles in YouTube video

Jessi Smiles Gabbie Hanna YouTube comeback feudInstagram: gabbiehanna/jessismiles_

Gabbie Hanna has returned to YouTube 8 days after announcing she’s “permanently quitting” social media. In the hour-long video posted July 28, Gabbie attempted to put rumors surrounding her former friendship with Jessi Smiles to bed. The YouTube star claimed Jessi became “dangerously attached” to the “short-lived friendship.”

On July 20, Gabbie confused viewers with a three-minute singing video titled ‘Sorry… I’m Late.’ In the description, the YouTuber confessed that she “felt (her) mental health being compromised.” She announced that “from here on out, I’m offline entirely.”  She cited “online drama” and “ADHD” for her exit.

Fans felt hopeful that the YouTube sensation would take some time to feel better. “Why are y’all still attacking her when she said she is going to take a break and work on things,” one Tweeted. “Good to see you’re doing better,” said another.

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On July 26, Gabbie shared that the police had conducted a “wellbeing check” on her earlier in the day.

Gabbie Hanna quitting YouTubeGabbie YouTube (for eight days) on July 20 after “mental health” issues

Gabbie made her comeback on July 28

The YouTuber returned with an hour-long video, similar to her previous “journal” style vlogs. Gabbie addressed an old feud with former Vine superstar Alx James, revealing he allegedly used to mock her nose. “It was just this constant thing,” she said. “You should get a nose job, you should get lipo.”

The subject swiftly switched to Gabbie’s doomed friendship with Jessi Smiles. After briefly touching on the Curtis Lepore scandal, she seemed focused on debunking Jessi’s claims about the pair’s dynamic. “Jessi has been obsessed with the narrative… that we had this crazy, toxic fallout between us,” she said. “I knew (her) for like… five-to-seven months.”

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Gabbie posted screenshots of some of their last civil conversations. She highlighted that Jessi had stated they “both hurt each other,” a sentiment she echoed in one of her earlier YouTube videos. The vlogger then pointed out that Jessi had asked her for “a job,” stating “this isn’t how you talk to someone you’re scared of.”

Jessi Smiles Gabbie HannaGabbie provided receipts of Jessi stating “we both hurt each other.”

Gabbie’s description message to Jessi and fans

Gabbie posted a lengthy description underneath the YouTube video, explaining why she felt it had to be made. She said she wanted to “say (her) piece and never look back.”

The content creator claimed she simply wanted “peace and separation” from Jessi. “It’s not really that deep,” she said. “(We were) two young girls who barely knew each other six-to-seven years ago.” Gabbie admitted she’ll always “defend (herself) as long as (Jessi) and her friends continue lying.”

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In a shout-out to fans, Gabbie wrote, “this is for me and my fans. And anyone who cares to listen.”

Topic starts at 9:25

The question is, will Jessi respond to this latest jibe? Check out her latest video in full.