Gabbie Hanna faces backlash over controversial drug tweets

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Gabbie Hanna Backlash Tweet
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Gabbie Hanna is facing backlash after tweeting about DMT, a recreational psychedelic drug, but some fans have rushed to her defense, claiming she’s free to do as she pleases.

Like many other singers and songwriters, it seems like Gabbie Hanna likes to dabble in recreational psychedelic substances from time to time.

She recently tweeted about DMT, a chemical substance found in many plants and animals that people use for its otherworldly psychedelic effects.

However, it comes with risks and isn’t for everyone. It’s illegal in most countries, and naturally, that means it’s shrouded in controversy and debate.

Gabbie Hanna filming a YouTube video
YouTube: Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna’s latest tweet sparked mixed reactions from fans.

Still, that hasn’t stopped people from using it, and it certainly didn’t stop Gabbie from casually tweeting about it.

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“The DMT hookup just flaked [because] he’s “going through a lot right now,” she wrote.

While she didn’t necessarily clarify if she used the drug, the mere mention of it in the tweet didn’t sit well with fans, who thought it was inappropriate.

“Is this supposed to be quirky and relatable or something? This is gross and weird in so many ways,” wrote one fan.

“I’m not sure DMT is something you should advertise to everyone,” wrote another.

However, plenty of others had no issues with it at all. Instead, they pointed out that DMT is widely considered a ‘safe’ psychedelic compound and is even used in clinical trials.

Gabbie hasn’t commented any further on the topic, and based on what she’s seen in the comments, she probably won’t.

But perhaps more importantly, it’s a sign that it’s still a sensitive topic, and considering some of her fans are still young and underage, some of them believe it wasn’t the time and place.

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