Gabbie Hanna claims she’s permanently quitting internet with most bizarre video yet

Selfie of Gabbie Hanna on InstagramInstagram, Gabbie Hanna

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has announced that she will be “offline entirely” “from here on out” as she felt her “mental health [was] being compromised”. The announcement comes after several months of drama with other influencers including Trisha Paytas.

Hanna posted attached a lengthy caption making the announcement to her latest YouTube video. Posted on July 20, the video shows Hanna naked in a bathtub singing a song titled “Sorry… I’m Late.”

Speaking on the subject of her career and fame, Hanna said “I knew coming into this that it would be difficult, but I wasn’t able to handle it the way I thought I was.”

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Hannah went on to say how she hates being caught up in drama online. She says that after posting a recent series of videos on her channel, “I took a step back into the real world where I’m a pretty happy and chill person. Online, I’m a version of me that I really can’t stand”.

Hanna also discussed at length in the caption dealing with her ADHD diagnosis and warned people that “to say someone’s disability doesn’t affect them in a certain way because it doesn’t affect YOU a certain way is incredibly ableist.”

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Hanna’s beef with other influencers

Hanna has had several feuds with other influencers over the last few months. One of the most well-known is her feud with fellow influencer and YouTuber Trisha Paytas.

The YouTuber called Paytas “obsessed”, “f***ing nasty” and “the Perez Hilton of our generation” in a 41-minute video that was posted to her channel.

Video showing Gabbie Hanna discussing her feud with Trisha PaytasYouTube, Gabbie Hanna
Video showing Gabbie Hanna discussing her feud with Trisha Paytas

In another video, she claimed YouTuber Jessi Smiles was her “abuser”. Many viewers called Gabbie’s comments “disgusting” and “delusional” and Smiles later responded to the accusation.

Joey Graceffa once described Gabbie Hanna as being “truly awful”. This was after she put out a video accusing the video creator and Daniel Preda of “cruelty and bullying” in June 2021. The next month, she also started a feud with British YouTuber Angelika Oles.

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At one point, people even started a fake hashtag as a joke called “#RIPGabbieHanna” that trended on Twitter.