Fwiz Provides Clarification Regarding YouTubers Receiving Strikes for Promoting Their Twitch Channels

. 4 years ago

Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt provided clarification regarding YouTubers receiving copyright strikes for directly promoting their Twitch channels.

With the gaming entertainment industry growing on what seems like a daily basis, everyone is attempting to get in on the action by creating content and posting it online.

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Some of the top content creators have been able to develop incredibly lavish careers from their time in the industry, with ad revenue, sponsor deals, and a collection of other opportunities opening up for them.

While many began with a career in uploading to YouTube, however, the rise of live streaming saw various creators move over to Twitch, yet still had a presence on the video platform.

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After various YouTubers started to receive strikes, Fwiz clarified that if “the main/sole purpose of the content is to drive people off YouTube & onto another site, it will likely violate [YouTube’s] spam policies.”

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Fwiz recommends that YouTubers should create a full upload with audio and video, rather than just text and a URL linking to their Twitch channel.

More information on YouTube’s guidelines can be found on their official community website.

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