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Fwiz and Nadeshot on why mobile games could be the future of gaming

Published: 6/Jul/2019 16:55 Updated: 6/Jul/2019 18:08

by Daniel Cleary


PUBG mobile rapidly increasing in popularity in countries such as India and other Eastern countries.

In the latest episode “Selfmade” podcast, Nadeshot and Fwiz expressed their opinions on the role that the mobile games industry would play in the next few years and how it stacks up against the more traditional forms of console and PC gaming.

100 Thieves / YoutubeRyan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt is the latest guest to appear on Nadeshot’s Selfmade podcast.
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Fwiz started by explaining that many gamers outside of the West may never own PC’s and consoles that can run highly intensive games and listed mobile gaming as a viable alternative, claiming that the mobile games industry will continue to grow massively and play a vital role in the future of gaming.


“So what they’ll have access to is mobile phones” He said, “I think the mobile games industry is going to continue to grow massively.”

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    Topic starts at 41:25 for mobile users.

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    Shortly after, Fwiz also predicted that mobile games would see rapid improvement alongside the development of smartphone technology. 

    “As hardware improves in mobile phones, so do the games they’re not inherently casual anymore like Candy Crush.”

    100 Thieves100 Thieves invested in a Clash Royale mobile esports team in their first year.
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    The 100 Thieves owner later agreed with Fwiz’ breakdown of the mobile gaming trend, even mentioning 100 Thieves’ investment in a Clash Royale esports team during their first year, saying, “We had a Clash Royale team at one point, there are a lot of mobile games I thoroughly enjoy.”

    Nadeshot also explained that although he agrees with Fwiz, he could not see himself ever picking up FPS games on his phone such as PUBG mobile while comparing the two platforms.

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    “I’m still never going to be able to get down on a first person shooter on mobile” He expressed, “Like when I see PUBG Mobile, I’m just thinking to myself, Man, this sucks.”

    Despite his lack of interest in playing mobile FPS games himself, Nadeshot later said that he doesn’t understand why people go out of their way to hate on mobile games.