Fuslie taking step back from GTA RP as addiction is “too strong”

Fuslie and her April Fooze GTA RP characterInstagram/Twitch: Fuslie

100 Thieves star Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu is taking a brief step back from GTA RP and the NoPixel server after admitting her addiction has become “too strong” and she’s got other things to sort out. 

It’s been over a year since GTA RP was thrust back into the spotlight on Twitch after the incredibly popular NoPixel server launched its 3.0 update.

Plenty of big-name streamers have tried their hand at joining up with roleplay veterans, with many burning out after a short while on moving on to something else. However, there are plenty who have stuck around and been won over by the RP experience.

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That includes 100 Thieves’ Fuslie, whose April Fooze character has become pretty integral to some storylines on the server. Though, they’ll have to go on hold, at least for a little bit.

GTA RP NoPixel serverRockstar Games
‘NoPixel is GTA RP’s premier roleplay server.

Back on February 8, the Twitch star claimed that her life was “falling apart” because she’d developed a “bad addiction” to GTA RP, but she soldiered on playing it anyway.

Now, less than two weeks later, the 100 Thieves star has admitted she needs to take a break, but should be back before too long. “Probs gonna take a lil’ break from RP the next few days,” she tweeted from her backup Twitter account.

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“Addiction too strong and got some sponsor stuff and some IRL stuff with friends. I’ll be on here and there though!! for sure no stream today and Sunday!”

Fellow 100 Thieves member Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter even claimed that Fuslie’s addiction “enables” hers and didn’t want her too leave. So, Fuslie asked her to hold it down in the meantime.

Unless Fuslie follows what Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker did, claiming to take a short break but actually leaving for good, she should be back before long and getting back into crime her fellow CG members.

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So, expect to hear “it’s your girl April” before someone gets ran over before long.

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