Fuslie roasted by Myth & Sykkuno over Coachella AirBnB as bed pic goes viral

Dylan Horetski
Myth Fuslie Sykkuno Coachella roastTwitch: Myth, Fuslie, Sykkuno/Wikimedia Commons: Coachella

100 Thieves content creator Fuslie was hilariously roasted by Myth and Sykkuno on Twitter as they showed off the AirBnB the friend group shared while attending the Coachella Music Festival. 

Since it was founded in 1999, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has brought people from all over the world to Indio, California to see a wide variety of their favorite music artists every year.

Alongside the 250k+ attendees for 2022 were a handful of popular Twitch streamers including Fuslie, Myth, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Pokimane, and more.

Fuslie organized an AirBnB for part of the group, but she was hilariously roasted on Twitter after Sykkuno and Myth posted their sleeping conditions during the week-long event.

Fuslie roasted by Myth and Sykkuno

On April 17, Myth and Sykkuno posted pictures on Twitter showing how they were sleeping at night inside the shared AirBnB.

Myth’s tweet showed him laying on the couch, covered with small pillows. He said: “When you’re having a sleepover but your homie passed out before giving you a blanket.”

Sykkuno revealed his sleeping situation as well, showing that he was sleeping on a layer of pillows inside of the coat closet. He said: “The Coachella hovel.”

With “hovel” being a word to describe small places, his tweet is pretty accurate.

While it’s clear the two wouldn’t purposely want to “cancel” Fuslie, she quickly replied to Sykkuno’s post.

She said: “Between this and Myth’s Tweet, I am gonna get canceled. I will get us a bigger AirBnB next time. Oh god.”

With Coachella being one of the biggest events in the country, let alone the state, it’s pretty likely that they were unable to find a bigger AirBnB close enough to the event.

This would have led the popular streamers to stick with the smaller one, making some compromises in the process as Myth and Sykkuno shared on Twitter.