Fuslie reveals why she “jebaited” fans before move to YouTube Gaming

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Popular 100 Thieves content Creator Leslie Ann ‘Fuslie’ Fu has revealed why she “jebaited” her fans in the days leading up to her move to YouTube Gaming.

On September 6, Fuslie revealed that she had signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming that would bring her live streams over to the platform the following day.

This may not have come as a surprise to many, however, as her stream on August 31 ended rather emotionally — prompting fans to begin wondering if she was preparing for a platform move.

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It was quickly called a “jebait” by the popular creator and fans, as she continued streaming on Twitch until the September 6 announcement.

Fuslie has officially revealed why she “jebaited” fans in the days leading up to the move to YouTube Gaming.

Fuslie reveals why she “jebaited” fans about YouTube move

During her first stream on YouTube Gaming, Fuslie revealed that a “leak” from November 2021 made her determined to surprise fans with the announcement.

The 100T star was live on Twitch when she accidentally showed her email inbox for a split second — letting fans notice a “confidential” email from YouTube.

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There was an emotional element to the announcement as well, as Fuslie mentioned that she didn’t want to ruin the surprise by getting “overly emotional” during her last stream.

“It was copium for me, essentially. It was like this was my last stream and I’m gonna feel the emotion of my last stream, however, I’m still going to be streaming for four more days that way if I feel really sad or start crying, I can [remind myself I was still streaming],” she said.

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Many of her fans in the comments made it clear that they enjoyed the “jebait,” and are glad to see Fuslie continue to make moves throughout her career.

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