Fuslie reveals she was mortified after Valkyrae fan “ratioed” her at Coachella

Lauren Bergin
twitch and youtube stars valkyrae and fuslie at coachella music festivalTwitter: Fuslie

As the dust settles on Coachella, one of the biggest influencer events of the year, Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu reminisced on Twitch about a bizarre encounter with an avid fan of YouTube star, Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter.

With the dawn of springtime comes the streaming universe’s annual music festival, Coachella, a sunbathed haunt filled to bursting with some of the entertainment industry’s most famous faces.

One Twitch star that seems to have quite the time is Fuslie, 100 Thieves content creator and streaming sensation. Having been roasted by fellow stars Sykkuno and Myth for the seemingly shoddy AirBnB that she rented for the trio, her California Valley trip appears to have been quite the rollercoaster.

Discussing the weekend’s antics on stream, she recalls an insane (yet highly amusing) encounter with an avid Valkyrae fan who left her in the dust after catching sight of her idol.

twitch streamer leslie fuslie fuTwitter: fuslie
Fuslie has accrued an enormous fanbase over the years; but it seems Rae still wins out.

Fuslie relays fun Coachella encounter with Valkyrae fan

Part of the allure of Coachella is that you can meet your favorite pop culture icons in a more laid-back, relaxed environment than in an arranged meet and greet. As fans flock to the blistering plains of California, one instantly recognized Fuslie and worked up the courage to approach her.

“This girl recognizes me, right,” she recalls. ” And she’s like ‘Fuslie! I love your streams!’ and I was like ‘hi, nice to meet you! Let’s take a picture!'” Followed by an excited “‘that’s so cool,'” Fuslie’s luck, unfortunately, took a turn for the worst.

“Then she looks and she goes ‘RAAAEEEEE;’ I swear, she pushed me out of the way [to get to Valkyrae]. The contrast in excitement levels…”

Joking that “I got my ego check right there,” she calls the incident “absolutely hilarious” and admits ” I got ratioed IRL, but at least it was to Rae.”

PS: If you’re wearing headphones, we suggest you turn them down before watching this clip.

Despite losing out to her fellow 100 Thieves queen, it’s clear that this fun encounter has left a lasting impression on Fuslie.

So, next time you see her, be sure to scream her name and run at her to make her feel better; just know we’re not liable for any distress caused.