Fuslie horrified after being trolled with old singing video by Valkyrae and OTV

Fuslie shocked after watching appearance in OTV videoTwitch: Fuslie

Twitch streamer Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu joked that she was going to send out a DMCA strike to the OfflineTV YouTube channel after it shared an old video supposedly of her singing.

YouTube has helped spark the career of many young creators who have gone on to become platform veterans with their iconic videos.

However, there are some in the present day, who probably wish embarrassing uploads from their early career stay hidden forever.

Twitch streamer Fuslie was just the latest victim whose past came back to haunt her when OTV found a video from her old YouTube days after being ‘ordered to’ by Valkyrae.

Fuslie haunted by old YouTube video

On August 15, Fuslie was confused as to her why her chat were urging her to look at Offline TV & Friends’ YouTube upload ‘banger concert, lilypichu’.

The video then cut to Valkyrae who ordered her viewers to troll and “take out” other streamers. Specifically, LilyPichu and Fuslie.

Fuslie then screamed with horror as the screen cut to black and footage of a young girl singing ‘Sugar In The Morning’ appeared with many of her fans claiming it was her.

Threatening the YouTube channel with a DMCA strike, she denied that she was the singer in the video claiming that it was her “friend from high school.”

However, Fuslie’s fans have been treated to a performance from the 29-year-old on numerous occasions. For instance, she wowed fans with her cover of ‘Toxic’ at LilyPichu’s Comfi Beats concert.

The OfflineTV family always jump at the chance to poke fun at each other. Whether that’s through a game of Among Us or during their IRL trips around the world, fans can never get enough of it.