Fuslie tears up after joining Valkyrae in 100 Thieves: “I wouldn’t be here without her”

YouTube: 100 Thieves

Following her announcement of joining 100 Thieves, Twitch streamer Fuslie opened up to fans during a live broadcast to talk about how YouTube star Valkyrae was her main reason for joining the esports org. 

Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu surprised fans on May 12 when she revealed that she had signed on to be a content creator for 100 Thieves. The Twitch personality followed the announcement with a hilarious detective noire-style mystery video.

Going live after the massive news, the Twitch star emotionally explained to fans why she joined the popular organization. The 28-year-old also revealed the pivotal role that Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hoffstetter played in signing her new deal.

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Fuslie joins 100 ThievesYouTube: 100 Thieves
The popular Twitch star signed with 100 Thieves in May 2021.

Fuslie says Valkyrae helped her decision to join 100 Thieves

During her May 12 stream, Fuslie opened up to her viewers about how grateful she was to have Valkyrae as a friend. “Rae has looked out for me for so long. And it just means so much,” the Twitch star said emotionally.

Leslie then explained how much the 100T co-owner has helped her career. “I definitely wouldn’t be here without her. Not even close. I’ve been friends with her for a long time. But we have gotten much closer the past year and I’m so grateful. She is so fun. She is so inspiring,” she continued.

When asked what her thoughts are on the YouTube streamer now being her boss, Fuslie exclaimed, “Yeah, I’m happy she’s my boss. Heck yeah! She is a huge reason I joined. And why I even got the opportunity. So appreciative.”

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The Twitch personality also praised Hoffstetter and explained why she is proud of her. “I’m just so happy for her success. It’s so crazy to watch her journey. And I literally go to my parents and am like “Mom, I’m friends with this girl.” I talk about her with my parents, because she is so inspiring.”

Valkyrae has continued to make waves in the industry, becoming the first female co-owner of 100 Thieves in April.