Fuslie explains why she is “exhausted” with GTA RP and needs another break

Fuslie alongside her April Fooze GTA RP characterTwitch: Fuslie

100 Thieves star Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu is taking another break from GTA RP due to burnout, however, she doesn’t really want to step away. 

In early January 2021, the uber-popular NoPixel GTA RP server dropped their highly-anticipated 3.0 update, prompting another massive explosion in the popularity of GTA RP on Twitch.

While the roleplaying mod has had its moments over the years, the hype this time around was unmatched, with many big-name creators wanting to see what it was all about. Plenty of streaming stars have come and gone over the last year, but a few have stuck around to great success as well, and while the likes of xQc want to quit for good, they just can’t seem to stay away.

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That’s also true for Fuslie and her April Fooze character. The 100 Thieves streamer has been a revelation in the world of NoPixel but has taken repeated breaks due to burnout and being too attached to the multiplayer mod.

NoPixel server GTARockstar Games
NoPixel is the most popular RP server for GTA.

The streaming star, who has been delving into the world of business RP with her new Pixel Perfect camera business, stated that she was eyeing up a break, even though she didn’t want to take one.

“I genuinely love RP so much but just sitting back and reflecting right and I’m exhausted/kinda burning out and want to take a week or two break,” Fuslie tweeted on April 24.

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“But with business RP, I feel like I can’t which makes me feel even more like I need a break :(.”

The streamer discussed things a little more during her stream later in the day, noting that her break is also happening as she’s become tired of drama within the RP community which arose after she made a joke about another group – Cerberus – over their business interactions.

“We’re taking a break, you might have seen my tweet about being a little burnt out from GTA and I think that didn’t really hit me… Honestly, like the comments on that whole ‘the ops’ with Cerebus thing was so tiring to read,” Fuslie said. “I got like omega tilted from it.”

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Many fans have stated that they’d be sad to see GTA put on the back burner, but also urged Fuslie to take a break if she feels it’s the best thing to do.

As noted, she has dipped in and out of RP from time to time, so even if she does take a break, it won’t be long before you hear “it’s your girl April” again.