Fuslie reveals how she got “closure” from PewDiePie after viral Twitch slip-up

Fuslie PewDiePie Massager Twitch IncidentTwitch: Fuslie / YouTube: PewDiePie

Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu opened up about the time fans spotted a “massager” in the background of her stream, explaining that confronting Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg about his coverage of the incident helped her get some “closure”.

All streamers have embarrassing moments from time to time. It’s the inevitable nature of the gig. However, nothing compares to the time fans spotted a “massager” underneath Fuslie’s bed while she was streaming.

She talked about it during a recent episode of The CouRage and Nadeshot Show, explaining that she switched to a smaller chair and didn’t realize that it no longer hid the contents under her bed, including the “massager.”

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Her viewers noticed it immediately and asked her what it was. In the heat of the moment, she panicked and told them it was a “guitar.”

Then, she moved her body to cover it and continued streaming for three more hours “like an idiot,” thinking that “only five people noticed.”

But that was only the beginning. Two years after the incident, when she was “fully over” it and had “finally recovered,” Fuslie received a flurry of messages from her friend saying that PewDiePie covered it on his YouTube channel.

His video ended up being watched more than 18 million times, which meant everyone knew about her on-stream slip-up.

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Years later, their paths crossed in an Among Us lobby, and she awkwardly confronted him about the situation.

“He didn’t know it was me. We both happened to be dead first… So, I was like, this is my moment,” she said.

Fuslie asked him whether he remembered “that Twitch fail video” he covered “a couple of years ago,” which he did.

He pulled it up, and a “really awkward” confrontation ensued.  But although she felt like she was “dying,” they talked it out, which ultimately gave her “closure”.

The relevant part of the video starts at 37:55.

It’s a moment that Fuslie and her fans will never forget. But even though it has caused her some grief in the past, her latest comments about it are a sign that she’s well and truly moved on.

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The fact she’s able to see the funny side of it and have a laugh is a testament to that.