Fuslie claps back at claims she was “fake crying” over Sykkuno’s stream to milk subs

Sykkuno and FuslieTwitch: Fuslie/Sykkuno

Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu has responded to claims that she, as well as her fellow ‘Amigops,’ were “overreacting” during Sykkuno’s emotional livestream before he announced he was leaving Twitch. 

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during Sykkuno’sNational Sykkuno Day‘ livestream on May 1. After joining the streamer for his broadcast, several of his friends, including Valkyrae, Pokimane, and Fuslie sent a series of heartfelt messages to him on Twitter.

However, it sparked a wave of speculation on social media as fans questioned why the streaming friend group was so emotional. Some even claimed the streamers were simply “fake crying” to gain extra subs.

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It all became clear when Sykkuno later announced that he was leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming. As a result, it gave Fuslie the chance to respond to claims the group was being overly dramatic.

Sykkuno leaving Twitch?Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno was sent a wave of heartfelt messages from his friends after he got emotional during his livestream on May 1.

Fuslie fires back at claims she was “overreacting”

During her livestream on May 2, Fuslie went into detail about the excitement leading up to Sykkuno’s revelation that he was moving to YouTube. She also explained why she and the rest of Sykkuno’s friends were so emotional over the move.

“For people who are saying ‘everyone was overreacting,’ is that not sad,” the Twitch star said. “We’ve watched [Sykkuno’s] entire journey on Twitch.”

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She further said that the moment was just so “nostalgic” as it gave the chance for the group of friends to come together as they did in the early days of their success on the platform.

Following on from Sykkuno’s stream, the group took to Twitter to send loving and supportive messages to their fellow streamer. However, some saw it as a way for them to get more subs from fans.

“People thought we were, like, fake crying […] it’s ok to be sad. That is sad,” the 29-year-old claimed. “That outlook made me sad. People really thought we were putting on a fake performance just to milk subs.”

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The streaming community is still filled with emotions following Sykkuno’s big announcement. While it will bring a big change for the future YouTuber, it’s clear that he has a supportive group of friends to help him along the way.