Fuslie and fellow Twitch streamers stun viewers during QTCinderella’s Christmas concert

Fuslie singing on QTCinderella's Christmas stream

Seemingly as a follow-up to Ludwig’s DMCA-free Holiday album, QTCinderella decided to give her own Holiday cheers with a Christmas concert in which several Twitch streamers’ performances did not fail to impress viewers.

In response to Twitch’s new DMCA takedowns in October of last year, Ludwig decided to bring on the holiday cheer with a DMCA-free Holiday album later in December.

The album contained some of the most classic Christmas songs: The Christmas Song started the album, with other titles such as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Little Saint Nick filling in the gaps.

It was well-received across both Twitch viewers and streamers alike, but one song, in particular, caught the most attention that being Baby, It’s Cold Outside which featured QTCinderella.

QTCinderella has continued that newfound Twitch holiday tradition with a live Christmas concert.

Fuslie and fellow Twitch streamers stun viewers during QTCinderella’s Christmas concert

There were several streamers in attendance, AustinShow, Fuslie, LilyPichu, Natsumiii, and many more all got to perform their own versions of Christmas songs. At the end of the stream, QTCinderella and Ludwig performed their known Baby, It’s Cold Outside rendition.

All of the streamers impressed viewers the most, but two, in particular, took home the most cheer.

Although known to be able to sing, Fuslie surprised the Twitch chat with her Last Christmas rendition.

“I felt some of those notes. Don’t watch her much, but really good singing,” said a viewer. “I’ve seen Fuslie on Lily’s music streams, always so good,” said another.

This wasn’t all as Natsumiii also didn’t fail to impress after performing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, garnering a very excited reaction from the chat.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to enjoy a nice Christmas evening, be it with family and friends, or with watching a handful of popular streamers throw their own Christmas-themed concert.