‘Frozen 2’ trailer sparks Walt Disney rumors following Shane Dawson’s ‘Conspiracy Series’

Shane Dawson, YouTube / Disney, YouTube

The first trailer for Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ is inciting some serious speculation against the company, as it quickly followed the release of popular YouTuber Shane Dawson’s ‘Conspiracy’ docuseries.

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In the first episode of Dawson’s series, he discusses a conspiracy around the possible cryogenic storage of Walt Disney’s body – a popular, if mostly unproven, theory.

He then went on to suggest that Disney had released its popular movie ‘Frozen’ in order to turn search results away from the conspiracy, which later cropped up following his video on the subject.

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Disney released the first trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ shortly after the second episode of Dawson’s series went live – leading some fans to grow suspicious of the studio’s timing.

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“‘Frozen 2’ teaser came out today, and then I remembered sHANE DAWSON’S CONSPIRACY THEORY ABOUT FROZEN AAAAaaaAAAhhhHHH,” one fan wrote of the conspiracy.

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“All I’m saying is, Shane Dawson exposed Walt Disney and the ‘Frozen’ conspiracy, and a week later ‘Frozen 2’ is released?” another fan Tweeted. “Coincidence – I think not!”

While no official word from Disney has been released regarding the coincidental timing of their trailer, they wouldn’t be the first major company to respond to Dawson’s series, should they choose to speak out on the matter.

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Popular children’s restaurant Chuck E. Cheese issued a statement regarding the documentary shortly after the second episode went live, which entertained the idea that the chain reused slices of uneaten pizzas in new pies.

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Dawson’s ‘Conspiracy Series’ has garnered over 52 million collective views as of February 16.