Froste threatens to sue PayPal after blocking mega Twitch donation

Froste Sues Paypal Twitch donationTwitch: Froste / PayPal

Former 100 Thieves Twitch star Froste had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Gamers Outreach, blowing his $50,000 goal out of the water. However, PayPal has shut it all down, blocking the streamer’s account ⁠— and he’s taking them to court to contest it.

Update: 18:10 – 08/02/21

Just two weeks after his account got locked, Froste has now regained access to his PayPal. There are no updates on whether or not the streamer will still take legal action against PayPal.

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The streamer made the announcement of his account getting unlocked by celebrating in a tweet posted on August 2.

Original story is as follows:

Charity streams and big donations go hand in hand on Twitch. Every decently-sized creator who does one usually has a member in their community chip in with thousands of dollars ⁠— most are legit, but a select minority are faked.

This builds up to donations worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions, going to organizations who desperately need the support.

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So when former 100 Thieves member Froste managed to smash his hefty $50,000 goal on his 20-day charity subathon in under 72 hours, he was whipping all the way to the bank for Gamers Outreach.

It exploded from there, all thanks to one donator. The mega $95,000 donation from a “generous philanthropist” took Froste to near $150,000. However, Paypal didn’t see it the same way, blocking the creator’s account permanently for breaking its terms of use.

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Froste was devastated, and threatened legal action.

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“Last night I received a massive $95,000 donation from a generous philanthropist. Why is my PayPal account banned now with $64,000 still in it,” the streamer tweeted.

“Please message me privately in my direct messages before the end of the weekend, or my lawyer will.”

After receiving a response from PayPal, which didn’t reverse the ban, he told the company to “go f**k yourselves” and said he was taking it to court.

Froste’s account is now frozen for 180 days, with the current balance being held to “minimize any potential risk of loss due to disputes or chargebacks that may be filed during that period”.

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After 180 days, he will be able to withdraw it, but he will no longer be able to use Paypal, which is key for streamers running these big charity drives.

Whether Froste actually follows through with the court action remains to be seen.

For now, his subathon is kicking along nicely, with over $100,000 ⁠— excluding the $95,000 donation ⁠— raised for Gamers Outreach with two weeks to go.

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