Froste reveals The Mob sold $120,000 of GFUEL in 1 month

Shay Robson
The Mob/Twitter

Former 100 Thieves and member of the popular content group The Mob, Froste, reveals they sold $120,000 of GFUEL in just one month.

Known for their wild and bizarre memes on Twitter, The Mob which consisted of Classify, Avalanche, Mako, and Froste were once one of the biggest content groups.

The group which stemmed from the Call of Duty community joined popular esports organization 100 Thieves in 2019, where their popularity exploded even further than they could imagine.

However, before their immense growth as a group, Froste has revealed on Twitter that the four collectively sold over $120,000 of GFUEL while none of them had over 30,000 followers.

100 Thieves
The Mob joined 100 Thieves in 2019.

In a tweet on his alt account on December 26, Froste posted his controversial take that there won’t be another content group like The Mob before they joined 100 Thieves.

To back up his point, the content creator revealed that they sold $120,000 of GFUEL in one month while they all still had a very small following.

“We sold $120,000 in GFUEL products with code Mob in a month,” said Froste. “None of us had over 30k followers. Nobody else is moving like that.”

Shortly after, Froste cleared up concerns that it wasn’t 100 Thieves that caused the downfall of the group. “It wasn’t even 100T that ‘ruined’ us, it was moving in together.”

Froste continued: “When we lived separately we’d just hang out, play games, or just talk and stream it. When we moved in together we’d just do that IRL and have to force out content which was cringe and none of us enjoyed it.”

Unfortunately, The Mob disbanded and decided not to re-sign with 100 Thieves after Joseph ‘Mako’ Kelsey left the group when deciding to take a break from the “the plague that is social media.” It’s hard to imagine where the group could be now given that they didn’t disband.