Froste reacts after Good Mythical Morning roast Mob house

Dylan Horetski
rhett and link the mobYouTube: Good Mythical Morning/The Mob

Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett and Link uploaded a video reacting to famous influencer content houses, and they had quite a few hilarious comments for the now-defunct 100 Thieves group ‘The Mob.’

Long-time friends Rhett McLaughlin and Charles ‘Link’ Neal have been creating videos together for over 10 years on YouTube. The duo started uploading comedy skits to their original channel before moving on to create their morning talk show channel, Good Mythical Morning.

On their November 4 episode of the show, the duo reacted to a few influencer houses – one of these being the former house of ‘The Mob,’ a now-defunct group of creators that operated under 100 Thieves branding. Rhett and Link instantly started roasting the home, starting off with a joke about it being unfurnished.

froste the mob houseYouTube: 100 Thieves
Froste started off the tour, showing their almost-empty living room.

Rhett and Link roast The Mob house

After explaining that the influencers never released outside shots of their house to protect privacy, Rhett kicked off the duo’s reaction with a joke: “We’re starting this with the shot that says please, enter our unfurnished home.”

Neal quickly spoke up about the room: “They’re squatters!”

Quickly spanning to the only visible decorations in the room, they showed off the group’s high-quality prints of awkward family photo style images as Mclaughlin mentioned that he thinks it shows they have a sense of humor.

Link had a different take on the first room, as he mentioned: “I don’t think it even occurred to them that houses are decorated. I don’t think they knew.”

Moving to the second room, Rhett quickly pointed out the camping chairs: “Why have comfortable chairs in every room when you can have one uncomfortable chair you move around the house!”

Disagreeing with his long-time friend, Link joked: “I feel sorry for these guys, this isn’t living.”

Going on to show off the rest of the house, the duo had two different takes on the quality of The Mob house. Rhett mentioned that he believes that it’s a house full of guys who wanted to focus on having fun and making content, while Link felt that they didn’t express very much confidence in their work.

The Mob responds to Rhett and Link roasting their house

The video was quickly noticed by Froste, one of the former members of The Mob, who reacted to the video on Twitter: “Why did I wake up to getting my whole life cooked by Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning? LMAOOO.”

Despite the hilarious roasts from the long-time YouTubers, they gave the Mob a combined 5 point rating — meaning that they narrowly beat the Hype House to be the hosts “ugly dumpling of the day.”