Froste banned on Twitch after Disney DMCA strike during subathon

100 Thieves / Disney / Twitch

Former 100 Thieves streamer Froste is now banned on Twitch for two days. The twitch star received the ban and a DMCA strike from Disney after allegedly watching Marvel movies on stream.  

Froste gained quite the following while part of The Mob, a group of content creators and friends that produced some legendary content.

Lately, Froste has been spotted playing in Poker tournaments and other casual games where he can interact with his community.

However, while the streamer was trying to pass time during a subathon, he decided do something against Twitch TOS – that is, showing movies on stream without permission.

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Froste receives ban after “allegedly” watching Black Panther

The Twitch entertainer was taking a look at Marvel’s Black Panther – or, as he and his community put it, “allegedly” watching the movie. His viewers were quick to defend him and said he was watching “extended trailers.”

Regardless of what he was doing, Disney did not approve of it, and hit the steamer with a DMCA strike for using their content. Froste has come out and confirmed that he, in fact, was watching the movie on stream, but claims he has no regrets and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

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According to the streamer, his community was able to get #FreeFroste trending on Twitter, and people were quick to start tagging Disney in the replies.

Although Froste appreciated the effort by his community. he reminded them not to tag them because “They gonna see the rest of the evidence.”

There are no signs of Froste following in xQc’s steps of challenging this claim, and the streamer will be taking a two day break. He claims he isn’t mad and will spend his time tweeting out more often.

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We will update you if there is a change in his ruling, but based off of his reaction to this, it is very unlikely.

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