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French TikTok star’s Orbeez experiment goes horribly wrong

Published: 3/Mar/2020 22:40

by Bill Cooney


A French TikTok creator has apparently destroyed his bathroom – and his town’s sewer system – after pouring an irresponsible amount of Orbeez water-absorbing beads into his tub.

For those who don’t know, Orbeez are beads that start out small, then grow to about the size of a marble after being submerged in water for a period of time.

They seem mostly harmless in small quantities, but French TikTok star ‘cyril’ demonstrated how the innocent little beads can essentially be weaponized when a large amount of them are put into a tub full of water.

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Twitter user @yuqheis brought Cyril’s Orbeez saga to the attention of the English-speaking internet with a thread of his TikTok videos recording the ill-fated experiment.


The Frenchman begins by dumping boxes and boxes of the water-absorbing beads into his tub full of water and filming the results.

As you would expect, the orbs did their job and absorbed all of the water in the tub – but Cyril ran into trouble when he attempted to get rid of them by opening the drain.

Instead of going down the drain, the water-filled balls flooded back up into his sink and toilet, causing an incredible and hilarious mess.

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After trying to flush and drain the marbles, cyril decided to try and vacuum them up – a plan that worked for the first few Orbeez, before his vacuum cleaner caught on fire. Scooping them into a bucket probably would have been much more effective.


On top of that, they also seem to have invaded his town’s sewer system, as he began finding them in drains and around random public plumbing.

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Apparently, the police eventually begin looking for the perpetrator who introduced a dangerous amount of children’s toys into the town’s water supply -but whether cyril is ever brought to justice remains unknown, unless you happen to speak French.

Mr.Beast pulled off a similar experiment in 2018 when he put 100 million Orbeez into his friends pool. The results were similar to cyril’s, but the YouTube star definitely had a better way of disposing of the orbs.


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Even the official Sonic the Hedgehog account got in on the action, imploring followers not to fill their bathtubs with “Puyo.”

There’s also no solid evidence that this disaster actually happened, and wasn’t just something that was staged for some TikTok clout.

Fake or not though, it probably isn’t a good idea to fill your tub with Orbeez unless you have a solid water-bead disposal plan in place.