French Star Footballer Brings Fortnite Flair to the World Cup, Hitting Argentina With 'Take the L'

by Vincent Genova


French football star Antoine Griezmann brought Fortnite to the World Cup after scoring a penalty versus Argentina in the Round of 16.

Teammate Kylian Mbappe earned a penalty for France in the 13th minute, but it was Griezmann who stepped up to take the kick. After converting the penalty, Griezmann ran to the corner and did the “Take the L” dance from Fortnite.


Griezmann is no stranger to celebratory dances and was previously known for his interpretation of Hotline Bling by Drake.

Much like Drake himself, Fortnite has become a part of Griezmann’s life recently as well.


The French forward was introduced to the game through his brother, Twitch streamer T.o.

Here is Greizmann’s “Take the L” dance.

Although this was France’s first Fortnite celebration at the World Cup, they set up a Top 1 photo against Italy in a friendly on 2nd June.

With Fortnite slowly taking over the world and more goals to come in the World Cup, expect to see more Battle Royale takes in the future.

Antoine Griezmann and France will have another Victory Royale opportunity on the 6th of July when they take on the winner of Portugal and Uruguay in the Quarter Finals.