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Fouseytube reacts to being mistaken for cyber criminal by police

Published: 4/Dec/2019 23:25 Updated: 5/Dec/2019 1:06

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Yousef “FouseyTube” Erakat was mistaken for a cyber criminal by law enforcement in Abilene, Texas – but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the mix-up.

According to reports from “bigcountryhomepage,” Abilene police have identified twenty men believed to be involved in online sex trafficking, after discovering posts advertising Asian women in the region across the dark net.

Abilene law enforcement posted a series of selfies of their potential suspects for the case – one of whom looked quite familiar to internet regulars.

Bigcountryhomepage, FacebookAbilene law enforcement included a selfie of YouTuber Fouseytube as a potential suspect in a sex trafficking case.

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The selfie of YouTuber Fouseytube was found among the lineup of photos used in Abilene police’s Facebook post on the subject, which were reportedly “a requirement for the [suspects] to receive services from” a victim trafficked to the Texas area for the online operation.


While it’s obvious that Fousey himself was not involved in the scandal, this means that one of the suspects simply pulled the celebrity’s selfie for use in the sex trafficking ring in order to maintain their anonymity – not a galaxy-brain strategy, in the slightest (unless they possess an uncanny resemblance to the celeb).

BigcountryhomepageA criminal pulled Fouseytube’s selfie to protect their own identity.

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In spite of the potentially morbid consequences of the situation, Fouseytube managed to get a good laugh out of the scenario, revealing that his family had even contacted him out of fear that he’d gotten in trouble with the law.

“SMH,” Arakat wrote in an Instagram post about the debacle. “They got my family hitting me up, asking me why I’m going to jail.”


Fouseytube, InstagramFouseytube didn’t seem to concerned about the use of his selfie by a criminal in a major sex trafficking case.

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Fouseytube’s “run-in” with the debacle follows his recent return to social media, with the star creating a new series similar to MTV’s famous “Cribs” that explores the expansive homes of YouTube’s top creators.

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The YouTuber has likewise delved into the world of boxing, touching gloves with fellow star “Slim” in wake of the KSI vs Logan Paul beef in 2018 for a charity match.

Having turned a new leaf following his disastrous “July 15” event last year, Fouseytube marks one of the net’s top entertainers – but apparently, one criminal thought they could get away with using his identity in spite of his fame.