Fouseytube explains his social media hiatus on Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast

by Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul, YouTube


Controversial YouTuber Yousef ‘Fouseytube’ Erakat has finally emerged from his social media hiatus, making his first official appearance in an episode of Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.


Fousey took part in Paul’s podcast on February 15, where he explained his online absence as stemming from his controversial ‘July 15th’ event from 2018.

According to Fousey, he’d latched on to its ultimate failure, claiming that he’d never allowed himself to grow past the blow-up.



Fousey went on to explain that he had stopped taking mood stabilizers prior to the July 15 event, and had begun taking Adderall, instead.

Combined with his ego boost from gaining a million subscribers on one of his channels, Fousey called the debacle a “trainwreck,” and said that he had been “plagued by overambition” due to the switch.


“It got more grandiose as it went on,” Fousey said of the medication. “So by the time that event came, it was just like an explosion. It was a trainwreck waiting to happen.”

Fouseytube’s July 15 event promised to feature such names as musical artists Drake and Snoop Dog, with the YouTuber even allegedly following Drake outside of a nightclub prior to the showdown.


Attendees were later asked to leave the event due to a supposed bomb threat, after which Fousey gave a heated speech on top of a car.

Fousey likewise created an Instagram post detailing the moments leading up to July 15 in early January, where he stated that he is still "on the path to recovery," thanks to a mixture of new medications, therapy, rehab, and ultimate introspection.