FouseyTube opens up about "manic episode" that led to social media hiatus

by Alan Bernal


Fans of Yousef ‘FouseyTube’ Erakat were stunned when the popular figure went silent on social media, but an update on his whereabouts has revealed the turmoil and strife the 28-year-old had endured.


At the height of FouseyTube’s career, he had amassed an incredible following of over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and acheived equally impressive feats on Twitter and Instagram but inexplicably purged all accounts in the summer of 2018.

In an Instagram post, FouseyTube explained the mental and emotional strain his career had put on his well-being, mired further by his decision to “foolishly” replace his prescribed drugs with Adderall that gave him a false sense of comfort.


Fans had hints that not all was right with Fousey’s mental state, as growing concerns loomed around his explosive tirade atop a vehicle after his planned “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” concert was cancelled due to a bomb threat.

“I’ve fallen many times in my life,” FouseyTube said. “But this year was the first time I actually hit rock bottom.”

FouseyTube had made a career as a vlogger, pranker, comedian, hilarious skit producer, etc., but the woes and pressure of his situation had taken him to lose “the identity that [he] had built for [himself].”


Before his absence, YouTuber had an award-winning career and a huge following.

Even in the ways of recovery, FouseyTube found it difficult to stay on a corrective path as he’s tried “going on a spiritual journey, countless therapy sessions, getting on and off different medications looking for the right one and even outpatient rehab.”

Although the internet personality had settled into a lucrative lifestyle due to his fame, FouseyTube says he’s now back at “square one” and looks to start a rebuild in 2019.