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Fortnite streamer MonsterDFace breaks down his incredibly expensive stream setup

Published: 21/Jan/2019 23:56 Updated: 22/Jan/2019 0:12

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer MonsterDface has been producing incredible content for his verticals for five years, and he finally walked his community through the amazing PC setups that helps him make his content.

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The streamer’s community is in frequent awe during live segments because of the consistently clean audio and visuals, which prompted the content creator to upload a full breakdown of what he games with.

In a YouTube video, MonsterDface made true on his earlier tease to breakdown his rig and peripherals that he uses when he goes live on Twitch revealing multiple setups costing four-figures each.


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The streamer has worked for numerous years to achieve the standing he has, but it also gave him time to collect the pieces that have culminated to an extraordinary streaming setup.

“The overall spending if you’re talking about wires and batteries and all the little things in between…” MonsterDface said. “I’m close to about $30,000 invested as a Twitch broadcaster over the span of five years.”

As one can imagine, a healthy chunk of that went into bulky PC’s that can broadcast at high qualities. He uses a dual-PC structure, one for gaming that costs a whopping $6000 and one to stream totalling about $4000.


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The streamer uses multiple microphones for various purposes such as the Blue Snowball for in-game comms, the Shure SM7B for recording, and the portable Countryman E6 to get even levels of audio at all times.

Over his long journey as a content creator, MonsterDface has been able to amass a significant following along with the necessary tools to deliver the cleanent content to his community while still expecting to make some upgrades in 2019.