Fortnite pro Clix’s swatter allegedly arrested

Clix, Instagram / Freepik

Streaming star and professional Fortnite player Cody “Clix” Conrad was swatted while competing in the Fortnite Champion Series on October 26 – and now, the perpetrator has allegedly been arrested.

The streamer’s broadcast was interrupted by law enforcement in the midst of the tournament, with Clix announcing that police were at his home and that he had been swatted.

Swatting, a dangerous prank meant to bring a large amount of armed officers to someone’s home by accusing them of a crime, has become an alarming reality for many online personalities – but it looks like Clix’s “swatter” didn’t get away with their crime.

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According to a Tweet posted by the pro on November 23, the person responsible for calling in the officers has been arrested, with Clix referring to the perp as a “kid.”

“The kid that swatted me got arrested,” Clix Tweeted. “Karma hurts.”

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The Fortnite pro went live in a broadcast shortly thereafter, where he appeared to comment on the arrest during his stream.

“Like, dude, just imagine ruining your life for a f***ing follow,” he said, although whether he was directly addressing the issue remains to be seen.

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Thankfully, no one was harmed during the swatting on October 26, and Clix’s team even managed to take the win during the debacle – but the frightening situation obviously shook up the gamer, who took to Twitter to speak out on the matter.

“Swatting is so disgusting, what’s the point of it,” Clix wrote – and he isn’t the only streamer to have been targeted by swatters, by far.

In fact, Fortnite star Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf was swatted after taking the Fortnite World Cup in early August, also in the middle of a live stream – during which he announced in disbelief that he’d been targeted.

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Luckily for Bugha, police already knew of his online profile, and no one was hurt: but the reality of swatting continues to prove a danger for many online stars, with a Kansas man even being killed after a swatter gave police the wrong address in 2017.

No matter the case, swatting is never the answer to taking out one’s frustrations on a streamer – nor is it a funny prank, as it can result in death for the victim of the “practical joke,” as the noted “Call of Duty” swatting resulted in tragedy for an innocent person.

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