Fortnite pro Clix slams “stupid kid” after being swatted again on Twitch

Twitter: ClixHimself / Twitch

After a swatting attempt on him for the second time in four months, professional Fortnite player Cody ‘Clix’ Conrad opened up about the most recent incident and described how easy it is for police to trace the caller and get the culprit’s information.

Arguably the most dangerous and frustrating aspect of any streamer’s life is when they unfortunately find themselves on the wrong end of a swatting incident.

For pro Fortnite player Clix, it’s happened twice in the space of four months, and he’s just as frustrated and furious as when it happened the first time in October.

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Three hours into his February 28 stream, Clix muted himself after getting a phone call from his dad, and then said he had to end his stream, or at least mute it and turn off the camera, while visibly getting angry at a “fifteen year-old p***y.”

After muting his stream and removing his webcam for roughly 15 minutes, Clix came back saying that “s**t makes me laugh.”

“A fifteen-year-old. It’s funny. It makes me laugh how someone can ruin their life just like that. They don’t know that they [the police] can track calls. It makes me laugh at how someone just f***s up their life just like that. Now he’s in jail.”

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Later in the stream, Clix revealed that the kid had called the police claiming that the streamer had killed someone. The pro player then went into detail about how dumb it is trying to try and swat someone.

“I know what the kid looks like, he’s 15, now he’s f****d. They legit have the kid’s identity, where he called from, like you have to be stupid.”

When someone asked if the police had the Fortnite pro’s address already and if they were aware that something like this could happen, the streamer said it didn’t matter, because the police have to respond with “full force” anyway.

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During his explanation of what happened, Clix was watching the livestream of fellow pro player Bugha, who found himself on the wrong end of a swatting incident just weeks after his Solo World Cup victory.

A pro player for Misfits, he’s competed in both the Solo and Duos World Cup this past summer, taking home over $160,000 from just that event. He’s won a handful of other events and tournaments in the Fortnite Champion Series.

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