Forsen reacts to NymN’s ban for streaming TwitchCon partner lounge [UPDATE]

Forsen / NymN Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘NymN’ received a ban from the platform for a TwitchCon infraction, and Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors was astonished, to say the least.

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Update on October 2 at 3:00 pm PST

After giving an appeal NymN revealed that his original 2-week ban has been reduced to just seven days.

The streamer said he’ll be working on his other verticals such as his merch line and YouTube channel while offline at Twitch.

Original story as follows…

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Streamers from across the globe traveled to TwitchCon for the September 27 weekend to mingle with the fans who typically flood their channel’s chat – but the conference’s organizers had areas off-limits for recording, so streamers could find repose in the weekend’s madness.

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Unfortunately, in a scramble to get across the convention’s many areas, NymN found himself briefly recording in one of those restricted zones – which quickly got him into hot water with Twitch.

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While most can agree that NymN did violate the rule (albeit on accident), nearly everyone was surprised to learn the length of his ban from the site.

During his October 2 stream, Forsen was in the beginning phases of his broadcast when he was made aware of NymN’s ban. Since he hadn’t seen TwitchCon streams, he was learning of the ban live.

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“I didn’t watch any TwitchCon, so I guess it’s something from TwitchCon,” Forsen surmised before his Chat told him how long the ban was for. “‘Streaming 15 seconds in Partner Lounge…’ How long was it – 2 weeks?!”

The streamer was instantly taken aback by the lengthy ban even after he had just explained that, “15 seconds is not a lot. But it’s like – show a d*** for three seconds it’s over, in a 6-hour stream.”

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ViagameForsen has seen a ton of bans to his channel, but not one as lengthy as NymN’s.

Forsen later said that in his streaming career’s many bans, he hadn’t even received a 2-week suspension from Twitch.

Then he learned that it was actually NymN’s first ban, calling the punishment’s duration “weird” and thought that previous warnings must have figured into the calculations.

Although he also admitted that the 2-week suspension could have been NymN’s “RNG” luck, depending on which of Twitch’s ban moderators took his case.

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NymN is one of Twitch’s more laid-back streamers who exploded in popularity for his Minecraft streams. Since he has never been banned from the platform before, many figure that an appeal could server to reduce the suspension’s length.

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