Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub saves three children in fatal car crash

Bill Cooney
The Fighter and The Kid/YouTube

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub recently shared the story of an absolutely horrifying traffic wreck during a podcast appearance. He also revealed how to help the affected family.

Schaub is known primarily for his career as a fighter and comedian. But, during an episode of his podcast, he shared how he rescued three kids from a terrifying accident.

While driving to dinner with his wife, Schaub said he came across a wreck involving an 18-wheeler and a car on the interstate, and a small child flagging down help.

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Schaub was on his way to dinner when he encountered the accident.

After warning that pulling over on the highway, even to help an accident, is extremely dangerous and best left to proper authorities, he said he eventually made it to the car to help the kids.

“The car hit the semi’s gas tank, so there’s a flow of gas, as thick as this room, flooding out, my shoes my jeans are all covered in gas,” the former fighter explained. “In my head, I’m like ‘f**k, I have kids,’ but I’m thinking of those kids.”

After reaching the wreck he managed to rescue the other two children from the wrecked car. But, it took him and another good samaritan having to break the window out to reach them.

“I grab the door, but it’s mangled from the crash, so it’s like intertwined from the car,” Schaub continued. “I’m trying to pull it down and I can’t, so I’m like ‘we gotta smash this window.’ 

CONTENT WARNING: The video below is very graphic and could be upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

The worst part of the whole episode is that while rescuing the children, Schaub discovered their mother had tragically passed away. Even more horrific was that the father was charged with murder for intentionally driving the car the wrong way in traffic, according to local media.

For anyone wanting to help the kids and family of the victim in this tragic incident, a GoFundMe has been set up and raised more than $70,000 at the time of writing.