Former UFC champion wants to be involved in Creator Clash 2

UFC champ fighting in creator clashFreepik/Creator Clash/UFC

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver is interested in getting involved in Creator Clash 2 following the success of the first event.

iDubbbz’s Creator Clash event built on the success that other YouTubers such as KSI and the Paul brothers have had in boxing, bringing in numerous big names across the platform to duke it out.

The boxing spectacle was so spectacular that many big names are already lining up for the next event. 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae, Twitch star Alinity and more have already expressed interest in duking it out.

Now, former UFC champ and Twitch streamer Jens Pulver has also hinted at wanting to participate, but it’s unclear how he will make his mark in the world of creator combat.

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Jens Pulver wants to fight or coach at Creator Clash 2

During a May 30 Twitch stream, the former UFC champ was asked about the possibility of fighting at Creator Clash 2, but first dismissed the opportunity because of how little time he’s spent as a creator.

After some convincing from fans that he would be eligible, Jens stated that he “wouldn’t mind” fighting a YouTuber if given the opportunity but had no idea who he would face.

“I don’t have an opponent, no. I have nobody,” he said. “I haven’t put on a pair of gloves in a minute.”

That said, the former fighter also expressed some interest in potentially coaching with one viewer recommending he back Twitch streamer Sliker if he decided to box.

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“Sliker, I would do that!” Jens exclaimed. “I’m down.”

It remains to be seen if the former champ actually ends up partaking in the next YouTuber and Twitch streamer boxing extravaganza, but the whole event is shaping up to be even bigger than the first.