Former Overwatch streamer Fran responds to critics after ditching Twitch for “scam” NFTs

Fran defends selling "scam" NFTsTwitter/Fran/Twitch

Former Twitch streamer Francine ‘Fran’ Vo is responding to criticism from fans after she admitted that her career pivot to NFTs was a “scam.”

Earlier in 2022, Fran shocked the Twitch and Overwatch landscape by announcing she was giving up streaming to pursue NFTs.

The decision resulted in a fair bit of controversy, but after a few months of being quiet, Fran once again addressed the situation on Reddit. In a post, she claimed that “99% of NFTs are scams” but made more selling them than she made in her whole streamer career.

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“If you’re buying a picture of an ugly looking bear for $20,000 USD you deserve to lose your money,” she wrote, upsetting some fans in the process.

Fran defends selling “scam” NFTs

In response to a fan taking issue with Fran admitting that she sold NFTs for large profits, the former streamer defended her position.

“You do realize the price of the NFTs are created by groups of people and their speculations, and that trading is done anonymously on marketplaces, right?” she asked. “If you’re trying to feel sorry for the person who bought my NFT, you’re literally empathizing with other NFTers.”

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She went on to clarify her comment about NFTs being scams, noting how “most of these projects don’t last long and end up falling in price over time.”

During her years as an Overwatch streamer, Fran was one of the most popular support hero specialists on Twitch, eventually even becoming an OWL streamer for both the Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant.

For those wishing Fran would return to the game with the release of Overwatch 2, don’t get your hopes up. The former streamer says she dealt with harassment on a daily basis when on Twitch and wishes to “never experience that again.”

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