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Former Overwatch pro Dellor has Twitch ban reduced after sexist outburst

Published: 11/May/2019 16:43 Updated: 11/May/2019 16:55

by Marcus Banks


Ex-Overwatch professional player, Matt ‘Dellor’ Vaughn was banned indefinitely from Twitch for a series of sexist remarks, but the suspension has now been reduced.

Dellor is known for his controversial outbursts and moments of rage on stream – he was kicked off his Overwatch professional team for a series of racist remarks made during a tournament.

However, his latest offense came during a game of Apex Legends where he repeatedly abused his female teammate before shouting at her to “go cook a fucking sandwich”.

Dellor - TwitchDellor is known for his moments of extreme rage while gaming.

Immediately after the outburst, Dellor was extremely subdued and avoided bringing up the issue, fearing the consequences of making such a remark while live on stream.

His fears were confirmed as he stated on Twitter that he had been banned indefinitely from Twitch, and said that he had contacted the platform in order to get his ban reduced, as streaming was his livelihood.

Twitch reduce Dellor’s ban to 30 days

In an emotional video posted to his YouTube channel, Dellor declared that his ban from the website had indeed been reduced to a 30-day suspension, rather than him losing his channel permanently, and said he would not be appealing the decision.

Dellor apologized to the gamer involved in the incident multiple times and vowed to not let himself take things too far again in the future for the sake of entertainment.

Fans of Dellor will be pleased to see the streamer return to the platform soon, with plenty more moments of rage almost guaranteed in the future.

Hopefully, he will have learnt his lesson and not make another error that could cost him his Twitch channel for good.


Magnus Carlsen forfeits after terrible blunder in $1.5m Chess tournament

Published: 23/Nov/2020 11:39

by Georgina Smith


Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen forfeited his game against Ian Nepomniachtchi after he accidentally mis-clicked, explaining that in that scenario forfeiting the game was the fairest thing to do for his opponent.

At the age of 22 in 2013, Magnus Carlsen became the world’s second youngest world championship winner. He has since gone on to win various titles, and has certainly become a formidable opponent in the chess world.

Along with his insane abilities, he has also provided some bizarre tournament moments for viewers on Twitch, in clips that have gone hugely viral.

Magnus Carlsen sits by a chess board
Instagram: magnus_carlsen
Magnus has been referred to as a chess prodigy.

Back in September, Magnus was late to a match with opponent Hikaru Nakamura, and when he finally showed up on screen he was hurriedly putting on his shirt, much to the frustration of his opponent and the hilarity of the internet, who loved the awkward entrance.

This time round however, Magnus’s error wasn’t so funny, but more frustrating for him and his supporters, after the pitfalls of technology began to rear their ugly head.

The commentators looked on in shock as Magnus dropped his Queen in the wrong place, mouths agape as they said “wait, did Magnus just mouse slip?”

As they spent a few seconds speculating on how his opponent would respond, Magnus quickly cleared up the uncertainty by almost immediately forfeiting the game.

When explaining his decision later on, Magnus explained “after I dropped the queen, maybe because he was in shock of what happened. I decided that one thing I don’t want to happen is him to think “should I offer a draw since it slipped and it went in position,” and so on. So I just resigned so he wouldn’t have to make any of those decisions.”

The blunder certainly left fans and announcers alike bewildered, but none more so than Magnus as the avoidable mistake might not have happened if it weren’t for technology.

Though, his decision to forfeit the game meant he saved him and his opponent from some tricky decisions.