For You Page broken? TikTok glitches again as users complain about ‘broken fyp’

TikTok logo fyp brokenTikTok

TikTok users reported a FYP (For You Page) ‘glitch’ on July 28. According to users, they are only being shown random viral videos in place of content they’d usually consume. Several users have said they’re “tired” of seeing “straight TikTokers” and are urging the app to “fix it.”  

TikTok has been subject to a number of bugs and glitches throughout 2021. Users complained about TikTok resetting their follower counts on July 6. Back in January, fans also reported seeing pixelated videos which caused the app to crash.

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It seems as if the current glitch started causing problems on July 26, with users still experiencing issues.

Cultivating a ‘for you’ page with content tailored to viewers’ interests can take a long time, so fans are upset with the new ‘factory settings’ bug.

TikTok fyp brokenTikTok
Several users have reported a glitch in their ‘for you’ page

What is the FYP glitch?

Thanks to the elusive algorithm, fans would usually see videos similar to those they’ve previously enjoyed on their FYP. If you’re into TikTok makeup tutorials, chances are you’d probably see more of them on the page.

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Since July 26, viewers have commented that they’re seeing content far removed from their usual rotation. One user complained that they’re no longer seeing “lesbians and tarot readers,” just “straight men and couples.”

One user complained, “my TikTok is broken. It’s only showing viral videos and repeating videos I’ve already seen.”

Another disgruntled user tweeted, “I’m seeing TikTok’s I’ve already liked and it put me on straight TikTok.”

One viewer replied to TikTok’s official Twitter account, stating “aye TikTok my fyp [is] broken I keep getting old videos.”

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TikTok hasn’t yet responded on any of their official channels. Fans are remaining patient while awaiting further advice.

If the other glitches are anything to go by, viewers hope the issue will only be temporary.

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