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Floyd Mayweather hits back at Jake Paul mocking his fight offer

Published: 4/Feb/2021 12:17

by Jacob Hale


Floyd Mayweather has hit out at Jake Paul after the YouTube star mocked his exhibition fight offer and accused him of not being able to read.

Mayweather is currently gearing up for a boxing match against Jake’s older brother, Logan, but is setting his sights to the future.

With Jake set to take on former UFC star Ben Askren on April 17, Mayweather says he will fight the younger Paul brother in an exhibition match if he gets the win — but the controversial YouTuber wasn’t having any of it.

Jake read the following poem to Floyd, accusing him of not being able to read, saying he “doesn’t do exhibitions” and joking about the viral news of rapper NBA Youngboy getting Mayweather’s daughter pregnant.


He also jokes about beating Nate Robinson, who was trained by Floyd, and hints that the legendary boxer should think about going into retirement.

Of course, Floyd wasn’t going to take that lying down, and responded to Jake swiftly. Alongside a bunch of images of Jake, who he calls a “massive fan,” Floyd responded to the poem.

“Them two bulls**t boxing matches he had were exhibitions,” he wrote in an Instagram post to his near-25m followers. “They were not against real professional boxers. And I don’t even play when it comes to education because millions of blacks got lynched just for reading.”



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Floyd added that Jake “went to get a black boxing trainer, tries to dress like [he’s] black, wears jewelry like black people, tries to dance like black people,” accusing the star of “jacking black swag from us.”

The beef between these two is clearly growing, and we may very well see them face off in the ring down the line — and there could be a lot more bad blood than between Floyd and Logan.