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Floyd Mayweather claims Tyron Woodley should have won vs Jake Paul

Published: 31/Aug/2021 12:41

by Alex Garton


In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Tyron Woodley revealed that Floyd Mayweather believed he should have won the fight against Jake Paul.

After months of relentless promotion, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley finally stepped into the ring on August 29 and let fists fly. Although a lot of fans expected a knockout to occur, the fight went the full eight rounds with both fighters taking a number of big punches.

To the surprise of many, Paul took home the victory via split decision, taking down the UFC veteran.

Although Paul was the more active fighter, the bout certainly wasn’t one-sided, leading to accusations of rigging and claims that Woodley should have been granted the win.


According to Woodley, even boxing Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather believed that he won the fight and landed more damaging strikes.

Jake Paul takes a punch by Tyron
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul went the distance against Tyron Woodley.

Floyd Mayweather believes Tyron Woodley should have won

During the MMA Hour podcast, Ariel Helwani asked Tyron Woodley what Floyd Mayweather spoke to him about after the fight had finished.

According to Woodley, Mayweather believed that he had done enough to win the fight. However, the undefeated pro did comment on the MMA fighter’s lack of output at points during the bout.

Not only that, Mayweather argued that Paul looked scared of Woodley throughout during the fight and was backing off frequently to avoid getting hit by another power shot.


“[Floyd said] I did some things really well that I should have done more of, he did say, just a little bit more output, he did think that I won the fight… he said I told you that he was going to be kinda scared of you, you been in there before.”

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While Woodley didn’t take home the crown in his fight versus Paul, it’s always great to know that one of the greatest boxers alive believes that you did enough to win the fight.

However, even Mayweather commented that Woodley didn’t throw enough punches, which was his ultimate downfall when it came down to the judges.


Despite this, Woodley may get a second chance against Paul if he fulfills his end of the deal and gets the embarrassing tattoo he agreed to get done in the pre-fight press conference.