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Fishing Twitch streamer gets a huge bite and it ends in disaster

Published: 25/Oct/2021 21:11

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamer and professional fisher ‘FinaoLive’ took to the waters to drop a line live on stream. However, when he finally got a huge fish to bite, it ended in disaster. 

FinaoLive has explored the coast of Florida for the last 11 years on his charter boat while offering people the opportunity to search waters they normally wouldn’t have the chance to.

Since 2019 he has extended his love for fishing by streaming on his Twitch channel — gaining over 40,000 followers since.

On an October 25 stream, the creator was fishing with a friend when he finally had a huge bite. However, the creature on the other end had something else planned for the fisherman.


Twitch fisherman’s disastrous bite

Fishing out the in middle of the ocean requires heavy-duty equipment due to the size of the fish, often costing the fisherman quite a bit of money. However, this trip would prove to be extra costly for the creator.

Shortly after the duo got to their destination, Finao managed to secure a huge catch on the other end of his line — before it snapped in his face.

“Oh my god, the rod just… dude. I just got wrecked! Oh my god!” the creator yelled.

He continued, telling his friend that he just got “whacked” by something big, and he’s never broken a rod before today.


It’s a bit hard to tell what exactly happened at first, due to how fast everything went down. But, if you slow the above clip down, you can see the top half of the rod breaks off and flies straight towards the creator’s face.

fishing rod slowed down
Twitch: Finaolive
You can see the fishing rod breaking and coming straight for the streamer.

While this is an unfortunate thing to happen, at least Finao didn’t get seriously hurt in the process.