Twitch streamer MikeyPerk confirms missing daughter Sarah finally found

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Streamer MikeyPerk confirmed via Twitter that his daughter Sarah has been found, after thousands of people got the hashtag #FINDSARAH trending to help spread the word of her disappearance and look for leads.

On June 25, MikeyPerk’s daughter Sarah snuck out of their home to go to a hotel party with older friends. Two days later, the Twitch streamer and multiple Ohio police departments were still unable to find her. 

In posts on Twitter and YouTube, MikeyPerk explained that Sarah’s phone appeared to be dead, her friends seemed unaware of where she was, and that the local police had found no leads.

With hopes of reaching more people and spreading the search out even further, the streamer called on Twitter and YouTube communities to try and help. In those appeals, he shared information about her appearance, possible locations, and defining features.

On Twitter, Mikey gave updates here and there — none with particularly promising information. Sarah, a brown-haired teenager, was apparently being looked for by “many Ohio police departments” but they had yet to find her.

He added further details on YouTube, adding more physical traits to help identify her if people end up in contact with her (as well as possible locations).

MikeyPerk gives an update

On June 28, Mikey uploaded a video to YouTube in which he updated fans on the situation. He explained that they’d gotten a ton of leads, but they all ultimately lead to dead-ends. He added that he’s driven around his town and neighboring towns for hours, but had yet to find his daughter. He also thanked those using the hashtag #FINDSARAH.

Mikey said that although he’s been receiving a lot of love and support online, he has also been receiving hate from people on Twitter, which was clearly affecting him.

Mikey confirms Sarah’s return

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief on July 2 when Mikey updated his Twitter followers with the news that Sarah has been found.

He explained: “The tippers noticed her from the flyers I put out and guess what… TWITTER!!! My daughter is found because of YOU!” He told fans how happy is, and thanked everyone again for their help.

Hundreds of fans and strangers flooded the replies with messages of support and relief at the news. People expressed that they are happy the trending hashtag ended up helping the investigation, and most of all, are relieved for Mikey who tirelessly worked to find his daughter.