Fight breaks out at Drake concert over fan’s sign blocking view of $700 seats

Woman grabbing sign out of other woman's hand alongside drakeTikTok/WikiMedia: The Come Up Show

A woman has felt the wrath of the internet after taking a sign to a Drake concert and obstructing the view of people behind her who had paid $700 to be there. 

Going to a concert these days can be a pretty interesting experience. Many concert goers are there to enjoy their favorite band or artists by living in the moment, but there are plenty who want to make it all about themselves. 

In recent weeks, there have been plenty of viral videos from concerts with people screaming during quiet parts of Beyonce’s mega shows and one fan getting onstage at a Drake show. 

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Drake concerts seem to be a hub for viral clips, though, as a woman has gotten berated by the internet after she took a sign to a section where tickets cost $700 and obstructed the view of people there – leading to a scuffle breaking out. 

Fight breaks out at Drake concert after woman holds sign up

The clip was originally uploaded to TikTok by niyiajahne, but was deleted shortly. However, TikToker Alexis Nicole managed to reupload it, showing those who might have missed the first time around what had happened. She, herself, called the woman “rude” for taking a sign.

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In the short clip, which has racked up over 1.2 million views, a woman can be seen holding her bright yellow sign aloft while everyone else around her are taking in the show. After a few moments, another woman behind her rips the sign out of her hands, taking the view back.

That led to a scuffle between a few women as the sign was passed backwards, away from its original holder. 

As noted, TikTokers have rounded criticized the woman for taking a sign. “Like how old are you to have signs at concerts,” said one viewer. “I’d be mad even if I get free tickets,” another added. “as if he’d be able to see it from where they’re sat,” commented another. 

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Some viewers did question if the other women had asked her to kindly put the sign down, but who knows at this point.

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