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Entertainment • May 28, 2019

Female streamer condemns "pathetic" male viewers with brutally honest statement

Female streamer condemns "pathetic" male viewers with brutally honest statement
Twitch / Unsplash

A female Twitch streamer had some harsh words to say about her male viewers, stating that all women on the platform hate men and only pretend to like them.


Twitch has many women that stream various types of content and a major part of doing that is interacting with viewers, but female streamer Kaitlyn ‘kaitkatbreak’ claims that all their male watchers are disgusting.

“It’s laughable that men on this website think that any woman actually fucking likes him,” she stated during her May 27 livestream. “Do you think we like interacting with our chats? That’s fucking hilarious. That’s so goddamn funny.”

Instagram: kaitkatbreak
kaitkatbreak slated her male viewers during her stream.

kaitkatbreak then goes on to further insult male viewers, saying, “If this was real life, if we met on the street, you guys would be so fucking hideous and so fucking socially awkward that we would never interact in real life. That’s why all of you guys just squeeze your fucking hogs like sad, pathetic assholes.”

Ouch, those are some harsh words for sure, but at least she's being honest with her viewers on how she feels even if most may not agree.


This isn't the only time women have used Twitch to blast men

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Kaylee’ came under fire for bragging about the number of men she’s personally had banned from the platform, but states that she was just defending herself and that it was taken out of context.

“I wanna know how many men I’ve gotten banned,” Kaylee said during her livestream. “It’s pretty fucking hilarious. I would like to know how many men I’ve gotten banned in the past year. It has to be like, a good 20 or so.”


“It would be quite unfortunate if I reported all of these accounts to Twitch and I got you all permanently banned,” she continued. “Maybe I should do that, what do you guys think? I could be petty as fuck and do it, just for the fuck of it. Yeah, okay, I’ll do it.”

When faced with criticism, she stated in a series of tweets that the clips were taken out of context and that she was only being called names because she’s a woman, which is fair.

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