Fedmyster apologizes over OfflineTV sexual harassment claims in Twitch return

Fedmyster Twitch Return Address ControversyTwitch: Fedmyster

After months of teases and false alarms, Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan finally made his return to Twitch. However, it wasn’t without addressing the elephant in the room, including his sexual misconduct allegations from OfflineTV members.

It’s been a year since Fedmyster was removed from the OfflineTV house following sexual misconduct allegations from housemates Yvonne ‘Yvonnie’ Ng and Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki.

But now he’s back on Twitch, and in his return stream, he felt the need to talk about the issues once more in order to clear his conscience, and how he plans to integrate the lessons he’s learned moving forward.

Fedmyster (third from right) has been removed form the OfflineTV house following multiple sexual abuse allegations from other members of the group.Twitter: Lilypichu
Fedmyster was removed from the OfflineTV house after multiple sexual abuse allegations surfaced.

Fedmyster admitted he was “physically inappropriate” with Yvonne on two occasions, although he didn’t touch any “private areas.”

Still, he conceded that he didn’t get her “explicit consent” and acknowledged that it “qualifies as sexual assault.”

“I want you guys to understand that sexual assault is a spectrum,” he said. “Most people think of sexual assault in the concepts of rape or attempted rape. But there are less serious forms of sexual assault that are also inappropriate.

“It was very valid for Yvonne to come out and express that violation.  I wanted to say that on the record. I think that it needed to be said. I violated her right to consent, and then I took that power away from her, and that’s was not okay.”

Fedmyster Twitch Return Address ControversyTwitch: Yvonnie
OfflineTV member and Twitch streamer Yvonnie was sexually harassed by Fedmyster.

He also touched on incidents with LilyPichu.

“She was dealing with personal issues with her breakup, and I’d been taking care of her and hanging out with her,” he said. “She was in a very dark place. So, I wanted to be around her to make sure she was okay.”

He admitted that after hanging out with her so much, a “sense of intimacy started to grow.” This culminated in him offering to give her a “foot rub” while they were tipsy, and she said yes. However, things got awkward shortly after when he told her that he liked her.

“At the moment, it felt real and honest for me to say I [liked her],” he said. “But when I woke up the next morning, [I realized] I did not mean that. Looking back now, it was wrong [and] it was not what she needed.”

Fed conceded that he could “totally see” how it looked like he was “trying to take advantage of her emotional state,” although he insisted that was not his intention at all.

“The intention is not as important as how it actually affected her,” he said. “So, I’m sorry if you’re watching this, but I needed to acknowledge what I’ve done.”

lilypichu abuseInstagram: lilypichu
LilyPichu was also a victim of Fedmyster’s inappropriate behavior.

Last but not least, he commented on the document he wrote about his relationship with Pokimane, which he then followed up with a second document.

“That document should have never been created,” he said. “I was very angry and in a really bad place. I felt like I was being horribly mischaracterized.

“It was a complete breach of privacy to even think about putting sensitive information like that on a document and then sharing it with people. It was just the completely wrong thing to do. It disgusts me, and I’m really sorry.”

Fedmyster wrapped things up by saying that he wanted to move on, as he was sure everyone else wanted to as well. But he felt like it was important to “publicly acknowledge” his transgressions for the first time.

“Moving forward, I plan to use my platform to bring more awareness to topics related to women,” he said.

This will include dedicated streams where female streamers would be invited to talk about important issues such as consent and misogyny “better than [he] ever could.”

He urged anyone interested to come forward and use his stream to help educate people about these issues, including himself.