FaZe Sensei Explains Why Logan Paul Will End Up Fighting in the UFC

Calum Patterson

MMA fighter and FaZe Clan member ‘Sensei’ believes Logan Pau will eventually fight in the UFC, saying he has some ‘legitimacy’ in claiming that he could.

Logan is facing off against British YouTuber KSI on a boxing match on August 25, but should he get past KSI, it looks like he wants to pursue fighting more.

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When asked during an impromptu TMZ interview, Logan said he wants to challenge a UFC fighter, explaining “there’s no reason I can’t”.

And not just any UFC fighter, in fact he called out both Connor McGregor and CM Punk by name. Many fans and critics saw this as merely a joke, perhaps a way of getting some extra attention on the boxing match.

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But FaZe Sensei, real name Isiah Ocasio, an aspiring professional fighter himself, thinks Logan could have a chance.

“Maybe CM Punk. I could see [Logan] fighting CM Punk. This is why I give Logan a little bit of a chance in a fight in the UFC. The UFC is different now. More recently they’ve been allowing fighters without the credentials to be able to compete at a high level.

The UFC has held fights and events that aren’t up to the UFC caliber, in order to market and sell pay-per-view. […] So I could see Logan fighting in the UFC if Dana White wanted to get involved.

Like for example, if Logan Paul wants to fight MMA […] his pro debut, they could do it in the UFC, but not necessarily with a current UFC fighter. That’s why it’s weird, he could probably fight in the UFC, because of marketability, but would he be fighting against a UFC fighter that’s not named CM Punk? I don’t know.”

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In terms of taking on actual current UFC fighter, Sensei believes Logan would be demolished no matter what weight category he attempted to go to.

“Logan wouldn’t be a monster at 185. He would be big at 170, but if you look at the 170 pounders, they’re monsters too. So just because Logan was a state champ wrestler, these [UFC] guys wrestled collegiately, some of them wrestled on Team USA, they wrestle people like that all the time.

Dana White would have to be very selective with the opponent that he picks, but would I be surprised if the UFC hosted Logan Paul’s MMA debut? No. But that is more of a statement of what the UFC has become, not ‘can Logan Paul fight at the highest level in MMA’.

Jake Paul? No.”

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He goes on to say that while it wouldn’t be a true UFC fight, it would undoubtedly attract a lot of viewers, and would make more sense that CM Punk’s debut.

Logan will have to ensure he beats KSI before have any grand plans of a UFC shot, because losing a boxing match to a YouTuber wouldn’t be the best way to advertise yourself as a pro fighter.

KSI has also indicated his desire to go pro as a boxer too, but similarly will need to get past Logan before he can work on those plans seriously.